What is Christianity?

Christianity is faith in a living Saviour

Christianity is faith in Jesus Christ, as the Bible writes about him.

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Christianity is faith in the forgiveness of sins

Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God. That he died on a cross as punishment for the sins of humans. That people can have forgiveness of their sins and rebellion against God by faith and acknowledging what Jesus did on the cross as true and binding.

Christianity is faith in eternal life

Jesus Christ lived about 2,000 years ago, but he also lives today. Although he died on a cross and was laid in a tomb, several hundreds of people met him again after he had risen from the grave. Christians believe that Jesus conquered death and therefore can give people eternal life

Also today millions of Christians around the world meet Jesus. Not visibly and touchable, but in their soul and mind. This happens when the read about him in the Bible, have fellowship with other Christians, pray to him, sing about him or just think about him in their everyday life

Christianity is faith in God’s love

Christians believe that God’s love for people was the reason for Jesus’ death and resurrection. This means that people experience God’s love, when they meet Jesus today.

Christianity is fellowship

An important part of life as a Christian is fellowship with other Christians in the church, congregation or in small groups. Here, many people experience that God's love binds them together and create a confidential community of people across age, nationality and social status, who help each other and have faith in common.